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history and mission

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Agrarian company since 1975

La Buona frutta’s history laid its foundations in two men: Carlo and Daniele.

Carlo Bassi, fruit trader in Romagna, found “Bassi Carlo Import-Export” at the fist 60s. Carlo, with Maria Valdrè, his wife, starts enhancing strawberries, peaches, nectarines and apricots, his passion, in Italian and European markets.

Daniele Petteni, moved from north Italy to Voltana (RA) in 1960. Daniele, with his sons Adriano and Carlo, immediately started to export and process fruit.

Through the common skills and interests, In 1975, the two businesses joined to form the society “ Petteni e Bassi s.n.c.”

Later on, in 2001, Jader and Ornella Bassi, along with Carlo e Adriano Petteni, formed “La Buona Frutta”, in order to enhance resources and work’s suppliers.

Our mission

La Buona Frutta’s aim is to offer the top -quality products by combining high technology systems and manpower. Furthermore, La Buona Frutta’s values are sustainability, ground value and farmers skills. 

In closing, though the integrated pests control methods, the company contributes to supply-chain sustainability, constantly checking the agriculture European policy documents and inspecting inbound and outbound products. 

Our technicians take care of our farmers, following them on soil preparation, irrigation and harvesting period.

Our story in briefe


Carlo and Daniele start their activities

Carlo bassi founds Bassi Carlo Import-Export, with the help of his wife. Daniele Petteni, with the help of his sons Adriano and Carlo, starts his fruit processing and export business.


Petteni e Bassi s.n.c. was founded.

Through the combination of common interests and great skills, the two are united in a single company.


La Buona Frutta' is launched

Jader and Ornella Bassi, together with Carlo and Adriano Petteni, set up a new company that values work and resources.


The Buona Frutta

We work in step with new technologies to offer the highest quality products. We believe in a sustainable fruit and vegetable supply chain, which is why we work every day with the utmost attention to treatments, respect and the health of the earth.